Seattle's Best Dog Walkers
We treat your pets as if they were our own.
About Us 

We have been dog owners since we were children and walking our own dogs for years. Our inspiration to help others with their dogs came one day in January when at 27 degrees, cold and windy, we and one other person were the only ones at the dog park, the dogs were having a great time, it was then we knew that no one else was as serious about this as we are. 

We are ex-corporate executives that understand the guilt of leaving your dog locked up in the house all day while you work. In addition we understand what it is like to come home to a very excited dog who wants nothing more than a long walk, when all you want to do is pet them and put your feet up.  No one wants to take them out after dark in the rain for a walk. 

Let us take the burden from you, let us help you to have a happy, tired dog to come home to. Call or e-mail us, we are here to help you and your best friend to have a better quality life together.

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